Altar Pics

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So I am pretty excited for this weekend with my girls. We are doing a dedication ritual which Luna is putting together. It should be amazing. Not to mention the potluck dinner, camping out and seeing everyone!! I am beyond excited.

I also feel better prepared now. Its like I learned so much from our last Ritual until now. I feel intuned with it all. And I have such a bond with these girls. Its like my most bestest friends are coming to visit!

This is going to be our 2nd Ritual together and I feel its going to go smoothly and even better then the last one. Which if you were at the last one you know that was awesome in itself. Somehow I feel we’ve bonded as a group and all of us has went to some next step together.

Well I only have 2 more days and will be soon writing on my experience!!

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I bought these a while ago and I’m excited to find them again.


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This is my Altar so far and its a work in progress.

I have a few new things. I jarred some dirt and grass on the full moon to represent Earth. Also some rain water to represent Rain. I am also using my Harry Potter mug I got from Universal to use as my chalice. And my inscense burner I’ve found is on there too. I still am trying to find some 7 day candles and I want to get an athame. There’s this specific one I want, its the triple moon. So I’m going to splurge for that.

I’m excited that a lot of my altar hasn’t been things I specifically bought for it so I didn’t spend a lot of money. The only things I really bought for it was my cauldron and a few candles and their holders and my altar cloth. Then I will get my athame. I already had my crystals, mug, incense burner, BOS was a gift, my crystal candle, my dirt and water and my Goddess pic was a frame I had already and Eric drew it. See there really isn’t a need to spend a lot of money on this. You can take what you have a make something nice.

My new picture will come soon!


Hello world!

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This is just a quick intro into what I am planning to write on this blog. I want to share my journey as I learn more about Wicca. I plan on writing new things I learn and how they inspire me. I will even add some thingss about me and my sisters circle experience. I also plan on using this to put my new ideas for our Samhain Ritual.  Well thats that for now.