Trust/Sisterly Bonding Ceremony

So I am taking this from The Secret Circle.. Here is what they pretty much did:

The girls celebrated the Night of Hecate with a crossroads ceremony, they each symbolically choose a color and a virtue: Faye, red, passion; Suzan, orange, beauty; Deborah, yellow, courage; Melanie, green, wisdom; Cassie, blue, inspiration (she impressed the girls by lighting with out benefit of a match, like Faye); Laurel, purple, compassion; Diana, white, purity.
The girls also take part in a “trust ceremony,” in which Diana gives Cassie a box with a hidden present to go and hide.

So I want to do something a long these lines. I even want to do the trust ceremony. When we are all here on Sep. 11, I want us all to pick a name. And we will buy a gift for whoever we get, and it has to be a secret to everyone what you get. Something around $10 and has to do with Wicca. Put it in a box or something that you can easily open not wrapped or anything. This is suppose to be about trust. Then on our Samhain Ritual bring the gift. We will give them to each other and take them gifts home unopened. And not open them until we do this Ritual. So when we do the Ritual we will bring our gifts and open them together.

And for the other one. I think we should all choose a color candle we want so everyone has a different color and bring that with us. I also want us to go around and say something nice about each person and what you feel they bring to the group. I want it to be kind of a nice bonding sister celebration.

So any ideas on to make it more sisterly bonding let me know. This is still in the works and there isn’t a date or anything. And I am not taking anyone’s place in the line up with Rituals. I can do it after everyone has done there’s or I can do one in between if there is a gap!

If I see something I like I am just going to throw it on here. So do not be confused, I am just finding ideas and copying them down. So later I am not forgetting what they were or were I can find them.

Now it is time to honor the women who have touched your life. For each one, place a pebble into the bowl of water. As you do so, say her name and how she has impacted you.

Okay no one has to bring a candle. I will bring a group of them for us all!! The only thing I am thinking I need you to do will all be in your head. Think of a virtue for you and each member. Say something positive about yourself something you most value and love about you and say something about each member in the group. Something that stands out to you why you value this person. Then think of all the women and why you value them.

Make Friendship bracelets in the circle. I am going to try and find some triple moons to put on them. Then we are going to put them in something and randomly choose one.

Maybe honor a triple moon Goddess and each represent one of the aspects, Maiden, Mother Crone. Each say something we respect or honor about whatever aspect we are representing.

I have an idea as a bonding part to the ceremony. I am still working it out. But if you are not comfortable with committing ourselves as sisters in the circle then let me know. Nothing crazy. Something like a hand fasting thingy.

Share a cup of wine.


Maybe share something about ourselves or tell a story or just something you do not usually share with people. We are all pretty much open books with each other so this will be hard. I just thought this goes along with trust and bonding. But if you can’t think of something or do not know then that’s fine.

Okay I want us each to represent an aspect of the triple moon. Since this one symbol we all feel drawn too. I thought we would go by age

Realta you will represent the Maiden
Luna will represent the Mother
and I will (of coarse since I am almost 30)represent the Crone

-What I want to do with that is each talk about this period in a womens life. Talk about the positives. Just anything you feel represents this aspect in a womens life. I thought we would honor the Triple Moon Goddess Hecate in this ceremony.

Here is a brief description of Hecate..
Hecate As a triple Goddess, Hecate represents Maiden, Mother and Crone; mind, body and spirit; and birth, life and death. As Mistress of the Night, She represents the three stages of the lunar cycle of New, Full and Dark. Hecate symbolizes the dark within us, the part reach daylight on the other side of the Veil, we must all become at one with the Dark Mother of the night. Whether it be Hecate guarding the home or of the temple, She will avert evil and provides protection. The Goddess Hecate is also known as the liberator of women, as she sets women free of our psyche we refuse to acknowledge. Many ignore the wisdom, the strength and the truth of Hecate because our fear of the darkness is so strong. Hecate is associated with the dark side of the moon, but this is the true Moon. The Moon has no light of its own, only reflected light from the sun. Dark is the Moon’s true color as is Hecate’s. Although most see Hecate as the third phase of the moon, She is actually a Triple Goddess in her own right. She is Hecate the maiden, Hecate the Mother, and Hecate the Crone. Hecate can be called upon during any moon phase, as She is the One and the Three. In pronouncing her name, in the Greek language the “H” is silent. So, to properly pronounce her name is “E-CA-TA” or “e-CO-ta.” In Her maiden aspect, she stands for new beginnings. She can also be called upon when you need to look at something in a new, fresher way….a way that you have never looked at it before. You turn to Her when the moon begins to first wax. In Her Mother aspect is a time to turn to Her when you need nurturing and protection like any mother would give. Turn to Her when the Moon is Full. In Her Crone aspect, it is a time to turn to for protection, wisdom and magick. However, please bear in mind that Hecate is not a Goddess full of tenderness and compassion with white lace and linen. She is also more prone to be stern with you if you brought a situation upon yourself. However, Her wrath is swift and just to those who cause harm to a follower of Hers, because those who seek Her, honor Her and do not fear Her are in Her protection and She does not take lightly to those who cause them harm. She does not tolerate nor does She coddle. Turn to another Goddess if you seek this. Her actions are swift and without frills. So, when you do call upon Her, be prepared for Her swift actions and changes because it might not be what you expected. Hecate teaches us an important lesson, which is that the feminine should be valued for itself, not because it brings sexuality or power, but because deep within it there is an eternal wisdom. Hecate is also the High Priestess, the keeper of the Mysteries. Hecate is not the priestess who seeks the inner knowledge, but High Priestess who has found it and imparts it to others.


7 Responses to “Trust/Sisterly Bonding Ceremony”

  1. I am so excited about this already! Again you are amazing at this!

  2. Thanks. I think this will be fun. I wanted to add a little to it so it wasn’t just a real quick one.

  3. I think that this is an amazing idea. I really like it. I have some idea flowing around for mine but I’m waiting to see when it’s scheduled so I can add some things depending on when it is. But Amber, this is seriously great.

  4. Awesome. I am glad you all like it. I am not sure when we will do the actual Ritual I am going to wait until after someone schedules one after the Samhain and see if there is a big gap or not. If there is I might try to see if we can do it inbetween or wait it out. But I want us to do the gift exchange at Samhain. That way we have that part done. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. And if we do one in the Winter we can always use my garage again. I don’t want to wait all Winter without one.

  5. Sorry I am so late to respond. I love the idea! Maybe the ritual we have after Samhain can be this ritual.

  6. I want to give everyone a chance to plan one. Were you planning one next or are you going to skip and wait? I just don’t want to jump in and take anyones place. And the longer we have the gifts the more torture it will be lol.

  7. This sounds amazing so far!! I have to think about color, I agree it’s going to be hard to come up with a story to share– we seriously don’t hold back as it is lol.

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