Beltane Ritual

This will be lots of randomness. Putting all my ideas here for now, will organize and weed out more as I go on.

Gather multi-colored ribbons, each representing a wish for the future. Tie the ribbons onto a tree branch and then braid the ribbons around the branch as you meditate on each wish. As you move from wish to wish, pass the wand above the flame of the Beltane candle.
(Each have 1 wish tie them together on 1 branch together! so there will be 4 strings on branch)

Bring a flower to exchange ( I seen this on a lot of sites)

# Beltane is here! It is a time when the earth is fertile and full.
Long ago, our ancestors planted their fields at Beltane.
The fields that lay fallow for months are now warm and waiting.
The soil that was dormant for the winter now begs us to plant our seeds.
The earth is awakening and ripe, and this is a season of love and passion.
It is a season of fire.

At this point, the fire starter should begin lighting the bonfire. The HP or HPS continues:
As our fires grow, lighting up the night sky, the fire within us grows stronger.
It is the fire of lust and passion, knowing that like the earth, we too are fertile.
Tonight, the God emerges from the forest. He is known by many names —
he is Pan, Herne, Cernunnos, the Green Man. He is the God of the Forest.
Tonight is the night he will chase and capture the maiden.
She is the Queen of the May, Aphrodite, Venus, Cerridwen.
She is the Goddess of fields and flowers, she is Mother Earth herself.

Flowers surround the circle

Flowers on altar


Candles on altar (of coarse)

Bright colors


Plant flowers from Lunas Ritual


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