Birthday Ceremony

Okay so we may or may not do this. It will be March 27th if we can all be there..

Here are some ideas.

For whatever age we are turning write that many (say if you were me you would write 28) things that are positive in your life. Like accomplishments, things you are thankful for, just things that make you say wow when you think about. You can be thankful for specific family or friends. Anything happy with no negative. Things you’ve done that you thought you couldn’t. Just happy moments in your life. NOTHING CAN HAVE ANYTHING NEGATIVE!! ITS A BIRTHDAY PARTY OF SORTS, JUST HAPPINESS ALLOWED!!

Also I want you to write a Eulogy for yourself. Yes I know this is weird but I want you to really think of all those good things and what other people will have to say about you!! You can have help from someone close in doing this. And nothing in the future it has to be like you died today. (whatever day you are writing it)

Also thought we would talk about what goals we have accomplished since Samhain.. It’ll be about 5 months since we set them. See where we are and see where we need to go,.

Okay another thing, Maybe do a homemade gift for each person. Maybe it be jewelry you made, or sea shells you collected, or a picture you drew or printed. A poem you wrote. Something that did not cost you anything. Simple. I am so not artsy but I think I could do it. And do not feel pressured to be awesome. this is just something nice and to show you care. Or we can go another way. But since it is a birthday I thought there should maybe be a gift somewhere. Ideas are always welcomed!! 🙂

**** More to Come****


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