Our Samhain

Well I must say another great great Ritual. Maybe one of our best. Just because we were a lot more focused. We still had tons and tons of fun but we took what we did seriously. And everything came out great. Except that cheesey tarot thing. I am still fearing the imprisonment. haha


I liked us each calling each element and it really didn’t take up too much time at all. I am still thinking I am fire!! I still bond with it.


Autum and Amber are still hard for me to tag. Each time they did an element I was like thats there one. But I said that to all of them. They both rocked Air and Water. I think those were the 2 I seen in them. Or at least when they talked about them I was like wow!! But I see a little of all of the elements in each of them.


Our goals rocked!! I love talking about them. It makes me that much more likely I will succeed in them. I think we all have really good chances of reaching what we most want. Healthy, happy, active, focus… I may have put the fear of turning 30 in them also.


Talking about lost loved ones was not that hard for me. Sounds mean I know but I have not lost anyone to to close to me. Autum has lost a lot of pets and poor Amber with her Grandpa. That was a sad sad story.

Our changes were right there with our goals and I think we are going to do them and be successful!!!

We were in the garage and the set up was really really awesome!!! It was beautiful really. After we got all the candles lit up and the halloween lights it looked like a ball room. The altar came out crazy beautiful too!! I loved it!!! I know I set it up and this might sound bragging like but I can not help it, I was amazed how good things turned out.

Once again it was AWESOME!! We are getting better and better!! I am looking forward to lots of these. I can not wait until next year when we see how far we came. I am going to let someone else do the Samhain then. Someone else might have other ways they see it going..


To sum it up what we did:

each called each element
lit black light to remember lost loved one talked about them then burned their names, tied the ribbons to put on altar as a memory
lit white light to look forward talked about our goals and change and burned those (have copies though)
tarot reading and gift exchange for future trust ritual


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