Samhain Ritual ideas

UPDATE 8/20: so when we call the elements for our ritual we are ALL going to call EVERY Element. That way we all get to do it and no one is left out. Each of us will have a candle and whatever else we use for casting the circle with the element. We will not enter until everyone calls all elements and then only one person will call spirit and close it. I think its important that we all get to be involved… what’s your thoughts?

I wrote a quick outline of the Ritual with the ideas we had so far. I’m not sure if you can read them. But I thought i’d share it. I’m going to be doing some incense or herb research so I have that ready too. And I didn’t write more because I figured we’d improvise a lot too like last time. Again let me know any ideas you want in here. Or if you want to help decorate altar or anything.

These are just some thoughts and ideas. Nothing is set in stone and more is going to be added.

3 days before the Samhain, decorate an empty jar with pins ribbions feathers confetti tissue paper etc. You may also give a photo of a deceased loved one on the jar. Write a letter to this loved one telling them about something you yearn for. Choose a serious need rather than a frivolous wish. Burn the letter and put the ashes in the Yearnin’ Urn. Light a candle next to the urn and let it burn for 3 days. And bring with you to the ritual and we will release the ashes into the wind.

Everyone bring a small pumpkin and hollow it out and decorate it and we wil put a candle in it. We will put them in our circle with the candles.

Write a list of goals for the year and we will burn in the circle.

Pictures of loved ones even animals or a list of names you wish to honor.

(Adding A Few More Ideas)

We will discuss the history of the Samhain

Everyone do a Ritual Cleansing the night before. (There are so many ways to do this, just choose whichever one you want)

. Each person takes a set of ribbons –one white, one black, and one red. Say: White for life, black for death, red for rebirth. We bind these strands together remembering those we have lost. Each person should then braid or knot the ribbons together. Focusing on our lost loved ones. We when are done we take them home and can place them on our personal altar.

(More will be added soon I’m sure)

have 2 altars one for lost loved ones and the other for new beginnings.

Autum maybe do a Tarot reading.

If we are outside have a small fire in the circle.


20 Responses to “Samhain Ritual ideas”

  1. I think that these are all really great ideas. Seems to me, we’re going to have a great Samhain. =)

  2. I love all these!!! You are doing an amazing job planning this! If I can think of anything that we can do too, I will let you know and see what you think.

  3. Hey Autum do you have any books or links I can look at. About like actually casting the circle. Like what each element needs. How you had the incense and rain water. Just some things like that. I am just trying to get it all organized as best I can.

  4. This is a good circle casting thing.

  5. Oh and I would like to know if people want to dress up with costumes or robes or just same ol’ pajamas…?

  6. I don’t care– It’s your ritual ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh yeah, also– I think before we start our ritual (or within the circle) you should give a brief history of Samhain.

  8. You know what I was thinking? We should have separate clothes from our regular clothes for ritual… I am sure we can all think of something ritualy to wear

  9. Sorry I know I am all over your blog lol, but I found a really cool cloak store on ebay not saying we need to have cloaks, but this store is pretty cool.

  10. I think we should have something ritual like to wear to. Whether it be robes, cloaks or a dress or something like that. I was also thinking of us all getting a Goddess pendant. If you find some cheap ones let me know and I will order those for us.

  11. Yeah we have enough time from now until the end of october to find stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Here I am again stalking your blog lol… I think I am going to try to make a gypsy skirt– and if I succeed then I will make us all some.

  13. Lol or maybe we can all find our own– cause this looks complicated.

  14. I added a few more ideas. I’ve been looking for cloaks. I should have one for the Ritual. I hope when we do it, I don’t forget everything and stutter like a

  15. Wow, I am behind on reading this. Sorry. I think they are terrific, Amber! You have me really excited! I think the pumpkin idea sounds like so much fun, along with everything else.

  16. Awesome thanks!! I’m trying. I’m taking a lot of ideas I’ve read and improvised a bit. Nothing major. Just like the white and black candle. I’m sure somewhere out there someones said to do that though. Could you read my notes I took a pic of?

  17. I have a question. Do we bring the ribbons ourselves? Or do you have them?

    • I will bring them. I am getting them from the dollar store and I will have them all cut and knotted that way it’ll flow better. I am seriously making note cards for this or else I am going to forget it all. So again if you have any thing you want to add let me know.

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