Thoughts from our Ritual

Trust Sister Bonding Ceremony Feb 2011
Another Great one. We changed some things up with casting the circle and I really think that is going to help. We basically did everything I said we were. I will go through it real quick as to not repeat myself a million times

Cast Circle
Called Hecate
Lite a Candle for our Virtue
Named a Virtue for eachother
Talked about Hecate
Talked about the Aspect in each phase of womens life. Realta-Maiden Luna-Mother Me-Crone then lite a white candle for each phase
Exchanged Trust Gifts
Placed a Rock in the rain water for each women in our life that we wanted to honor
Made Frienship bracelets each of us picked a color and we each got a charm for them. Me and Realta stars and Luna a Cat
Did a Group Hand Fasting Ceremony called on the elements to witness us.

The Virtues I picked
me to me- AWESOMENESS lol.
me to Luna-PASSION
me to Realta-EMOTION

Luna to Luna-(I can not remember)
Luna to Realta-STRENGTH

Realta to Realta(I can not remember)
Realta to Luna-LOYALTY
Realta to me- PASSION

Candle Colors

Friendship Bracelet Colors

It was another awesome Ritual. It went really well. I am so happy to do these with these amazing girls.

I really want to get better or more feeling the magic of the circle casting. And more in depth with the Goddess casting. But we are growing each time we do this.

I always come out of these feeling really close to eachother. I really love using the candles too as symbols. I think for me its important.

Meditation/Full Moon Ritual Nov. 2010
This was Realta’s first Ritual and I think it went great! We had a lot more structure with setting up and taking down the circle. I learned some new things to start practicing Meditation. Which I am really excited to do!! Also we talked positives in our life. And even when negatives came up we learned what positive thing came from it. Also we just opened up and talked about everything and anything. It was Great!!

We got to be outside too and we didn’t get eaten by a Coyotee so thats always a plus!! haha!! But the Moon really was just awesome. It was a shining star in the sky! Loved it!!

I haven’t started Medititaion but I am going to soon. I need peace and quiet and well haven’t had to much of that.

I think Realta did great! I love opening up with them. We also talked about how much we love doing these and how its effected us. And just to be close to people again and to have friends again is awesome for me. To really feel in the circle with them. Not just an outsider who sometimes allowed it. Its great. We all know they are really close, way close but they never make me feel not included or not one of the A’!! That means a lot to me!!

Also Harry Potter was Awesome!!! And Realta I am so sorry I didn’t pay you back. I know you probably don’t care but I don’t want you to think I just didn’t feel like it! Anyways thanks!!

SAMHAIN 2010 (Oct. 30-31 2010)

Well I must say another great great Ritual. Maybe one of our best. Just because we were a lot more focused. We still had tons and tons of fun but we took what we did seriously. And everything came out great. Except that cheesey tarot thing. I am still fearing the imprisonment. haha

I liked us each calling each element and it really didn’t take up too much time at all. I am still thinking I am fire!! I still bond with it.

Autum and Amber are still hard for me to tag. Each time they did an element I was like thats there one. But I said that to all of them. They both rocked Air and Water. I think those were the 2 I seen in them. Or at least when they talked about them I was like wow!! But I see a little of all of the elements in each of them.

Our goals rocked!! I love talking about them. It makes me that much more likely I will succeed in them. I think we all have really good chances of reaching what we most want. Healthy, happy, active, focus… I may have put the fear of turning 30 in them also.

Talking about lost loved ones was not that hard for me. Sounds mean I know but I have not lost anyone to to close to me. Autum has lost a lot of pets and poor Amber with her Grandpa. That was a sad sad story.

Our changes were right there with our goals and I think we are going to do them and be successful!!!

We were in the garage and the set up was really really awesome!!! It was beautiful really. After we got all the candles lit up and the halloween lights it looked like a ball room. The altar came out crazy beautiful too!! I loved it!!! I know I set it up and this might sound bragging like but I can not help it, I was amazed how good things turned out.

Once again it was AWESOME!! We are getting better and better!! I am looking forward to lots of these. I can not wait until next year when we see how far we came. I am going to let someone else do the Samhain then. Someone else might have other ways they see it going..

To sum it up what we did:

each called each element
lit black light to remember lost loved one talked about them then burned their names, tied the ribbons to put on altar as a memory
lit white light to look forward talked about our goals and change and burned those (have copies though)
tarot reading and gift exchange for future trust ritual


So we all got together once again for our 2nd Ritual which some of us decided to Dedicate ourself. Autum lead it and me and Amber both did the dedication. Becky was also there and I think she fit in perfectly.

This time I represented Earth and well Earth is so not going to be my element. Maybe sometime later when life changes I may find a bond with it. We just didn’t click. Sorry Earth!

Also during the meditation I felt connected again to fire. When I pictured the white light I thought of the flame from the candles. When I went to charge my crystal I thought again of the flame on my finger tips. I swear I felt the heat from the candles warming me up. Yes I am totally convinced I am a fire kind of girl.

I love these Rituals. They are always just so much fun. I laugh more in one night then I do in a month. We take what we are doing seriously but we just have so so so much fun. Its a perfect blend.

I tried to see what my opinion is on what element I see people with. Its kind of hard. Right now I see it like this. But I am not totally convinced. Amber I see as Water, Becky has Air and Autum as Water or Earth. Like I said I am not totally convinced, so I will be watching you guys!!!

More to come!! EB got up from her nap!! 🙂


Here is some things I walked away with from our Circle. First though I want to say our circle was awesome. I felt so close to everyone. We were able to talk openly and have fun with it. I can’t imagine it being any better than it was! Thanks girlys!!

Myself: I want to take control and stop making excuses. Start living life and enjoying it. Never think I can’t do something. And always go for my goals. Protect my family. Feel good about myself.

Autumn: is self conscious, wants a family, is jealous, loves animals, feels connected to Freya, feels closest to Air and needs self esteem

Amber. Road rage, wants to be healthy, jealous, can only sing good if someone else already is, wants to own a business, has 8 tattos, Loves Autum

Autum: loves her cat and wants it to live a long long long time. Can sing and play musical instruments, great leader wants to be healthy and successful. Loves animals, nature and Amber R.

In the circle we represented
Autum-Earth and Spirit

I was really nervous when we did this. I knew I shouldn’t be. It wasn’t like anyone was going to point and laugh but still.. Now I know I won’t be that nervous again. I liked how we were able to hang out before we did the Ritual and that we shared stuff about ourselves. The fun facts was pretty fun. And hopes and dreams and fears was a good thing too. I liked opening up. I don’t have many close friends anymore, and this really made me feel part of a click. I liked being comfortable and not on the outside but in the circle.

During the circle was amazing. I mean we were there for like 2 hrs and it only felt like 10 minutes. We just talked and connected. I am not sure what I expected but I know I got so much more.

I hope our new girls have the same experience we all did. And that they don’t feel like they are on the outside. And I hope none of us gets nervous with newbies either. Remember we were all nervous at first but we all totally clicked and I am sure it’ll happen again. And to the newbies its okay to be nervous but don’t hold back. You are just as much a part of it as we are.

Well can’t wait for Sep. 11 to get here!!!


5 Responses to “Thoughts from our Ritual”

  1. I fully believe you are a fire girl. I don’t think there is any way around it. I knew from our first circle you were.

  2. I also think Becky is Air– It’s weird, I get like these images in my head– when I picture you and Amber I see fire. When I picture Becky I see her in the wind, when I picture Autumn I knew she was an Earth user. If I picture myself I get like a swirly image. I don’t know. But you are 100% fire. I feel it in my bones!

  3. I agree. When I first was looking at the elements I did not even consider fire as one I would fit in. Not at all!!! Before I knew anything about them I was thinking I’d be an Earth girl. hahaha! Actually Eric told me he seen me as fire and the more I researched I thought it was a good fit. Then at our first Ritual I was pretty darn convinced. Now I am 100%! I don’t think the other Elements will be me.

    Becky is so air. You and Amber are a little tough though. I keep flip flopping. You have a lot of them all in you.

  4. I meant to put Amber as water not earth. I am going to fix it.

  5. I am also thankful there were no deaths by coyote!

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