Why am I here?

Well lets see. I am here because I find nature amazing. The moon could be my God and I would be a happy girl. lol. Honestly this is why I am so connected to Wicca. Its all about the nature. The Elements. Earth, Air, Fire, Water. If we all took time to look around ourselfs I think you could see what I mean. Those gentle breezes that you take in down to your toes. The Earth as you squesh the mud between your toes. The sound of water hitting the shore. The Warmth of the flames on an Autumn night. I could go on and on. Nature, The Elements are amazing. Take time to feel them. Look in the sky at the stars and the moon. Really just absorb these moments. This is why I am here!!


2 Responses to “Why am I here?”

  1. Hello Selenai. My name is Jeff. I use to belong and help run a paranormal research group in Michigan. I found your website because I was doing research on a baby cold remedy which contained flowers and herbs I never heard of. It brought me to your site which I must tell you is absolutely complete and very informative. I couldn’t help but explore it. I don’t mean to intrude, but wanted to comment. WELL DONE! Your ‘Children of the Night’ website is great and I’d like to visit again. Thank You for all the information.

    • Hey thanks!! And feel free to look around. When I first started down this path there was a lot of information out there and it was overwhelming. Plus there was a lot of just plain weird things too. My friends have helped me a lot!! I think it is easy just to break it all down and then find what you are looking for and go from there.

      I appreciate your comment! I am still new to all this but I am glad to hear its easy to follow and actually informative!!

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